The Lion's process for Christian pioneers and entrepreneurs, provides a place to dream and a time to prepare, connecting you to passionate Kingdom-minded people and helping you lay firm foundations for the challenges ahead.

For those who dare to apply, joining the Lions could be your opportunity to turn a good idea into a powerful reality. And change the world as we know it...



The Process

The Lions is a two-phase programme. Giving you access to people and organisations who will challenge and inspire.


For those who are accepted you will begin phase one which will involve the development of your initial idea into a clear strategy.


After this you will enter the Lions' Lair. A full on, face to face experience, where you will deliver a presentation giving reasons why your idea is worth investment.


Should you be successful you will enter phase two, where with our support you will put your plans into action.


Every generation needs pioneers and innovative thinkers who are passionate about change. Maybe you're someone who dreams of one day pioneering a Church, starting a business or launching a new social enterprise. And until now haven't found the people or the environment in which to realise those dreams – if so, the Lions is for you!





The Lions initiative brings together significant people working at the top of their game. Individuals with many skills who understand the need to share their experience with people worth investing in.

Taken from every sphere of influence including business, Church, social, media, education and political arenas. The Lions are Christian men and women impacting society today, who are ready to pass on their expertise to others.


Once you have been accepted onto the course you will be invited to attend phase one 'the lion’s pride weekends away' where you will gain valuable insights into various organisations and hone your ideas into a working business plan.

One excellent thing that can be learned from a lion is that whatever you intend to do, should be done with faith fueled, whole-hearted and strenuous effort.


After your phase one training you will be given the chance to enter the Lion's Lair. On that day you will have an allotted time of 15 minutes to make your pitch under the scrutiny of the Lions questions. This is a great opportunity to shine and gain investment in your project.


Should you be successful you will enter phase 2.

To apply and find out more download the pack now.

The Lions

What people are saying...

"I had been asking myself, what success at the lions looks like, and what I was hoping to get out of it; then it just dawned on me that I HAVE had a success for being part of the Lions, I have grown in faith, I have learned how to spot opportunity and listen to God, and now I find myself finally with a clear direction, a clear pathway, a clear vision...

The Lions process has been FANTASTIC for me, and I cannot truly express how happy and settled I find myself because of it"


Kas  (Lions Candidate)

past and present

Lions Candidates

Lion's Pride Dates:




8-9 October 2016


26-27 November 2016


28-29 January 2017


25-26 March 2017


6-7 May 2017


24-25 June 2017




 October 2017 - tba


 November 2017 - tba


 January 2018 - tba


 March 2018 - tbs


 May 2018 - tba


  June 2018 -tba

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