The Lion's process for Christian pioneers and entrepreneurs, provides a place to dream and a time to prepare, connecting you to passionate Kingdom-minded people and helping you lay firm foundations for the challenges ahead.

For those who dare to apply, joining the Lions could be your opportunity to turn a good idea into a powerful reality. And change the world as we know it...



The Process

The Lions is a two-phase programme. Giving you access to people and organisations who will challenge and inspire.


For those who are accepted you will begin phase one which will involve the development of your initial idea into a clear strategy.


After this you will enter the Lions' Lair. A full on, face to face experience, where you will deliver a presentation giving reasons why your idea is worth investment.


Should you be successful you will enter phase two, where with our support you will put your plans into action.


Every generation needs pioneers and innovative thinkers who are passionate about change. Maybe you're someone who dreams of one day pioneering a Church, starting a business or launching a new social enterprise. And until now haven't found the people or the environment in which to realise those dreams – if so, the Lions is for you!


Applications for 2018/19 are now open and we encourage you to complete an application form as soon as possible. No further applications will be taken once the course has been filled - so avoid disappointment and apply now.





The Lions initiative brings together significant people working at the top of their game. Individuals with many skills who understand the need to share their experience with people worth investing in.

Taken from every sphere of influence including business, Church, social, media, education and political arenas. The Lions are Christian men and women impacting society today, who are ready to pass on their expertise to others.


Once you have been accepted onto the course you will be invited to attend phase one 'the lion’s pride weekends away' where you will gain valuable insights into various organisations and hone your ideas into a working business plan.

One excellent thing that can be learned from a lion is that whatever you intend to do, should be done with faith fueled, whole-hearted and strenuous effort.


After your phase one training you will be given the chance to enter the Lion's Lair. On that day you will have an allotted time of 15 minutes to make your pitch under the scrutiny of the Lions questions. This is a great opportunity to shine and gain investment in your project.


Should you be successful you will enter phase 2.

To apply and find out more download the pack now.

The Lions

What are our delegates saying...

"The Lions process surpassed my expectations, sharpened my vision and continues to help me dream dreams that are way bigger than me. It has also added to my whole life, a depth of maturity, a level of confidence and a wealth of knowledge that are simply not quantifiable. I'm forever grateful to be one of the #PrideOf2015"


Carol  (Money4Youth)

2014/2015 Experience

3rd Year

"I had been asking myself, what success at the lions looks like, and what I was hoping to get out of it; then it just dawned on me that I HAVE had a success for being part of the Lions, I have grown in faith, I have learned how to spot opportunity and listen to God, and now I find myself finally with a clear direction, a clear pathway, a clear vision...

The Lions process has been FANTASTIC for me, and I cannot truly express how happy and settled I find myself because of it"



1st Year delegate 2014/2015

The Lions process really helped me to be amongst like-minded ‘Kingdom crazy’ people who had similar ideas that the world would see as ‘off the wall’. As a result nothing was off the table and all we ever received was encouragement and support from the Lions and other candidates to hone, perfect and cultivate our ideas.


Some advice I would offer to prospective candidates……only come on this course if you are prepared to be changed and challenged, to really learn about yourself and what drives you and others!  I would suggest its not for the feint hearted, the shrinking violets or the double-minded – it’s for those people who want to see the Kingdom grow and hunger for a way to bring into reality the dreams God has given them.


Darren  (Christian Business Advice)

2015/2016 Experience

2nd Year

Through the Lion's....


I've learnt so much, it's hard to put into words
The knowledge I've grown, the truths I've heard
I guess above all else I can say,
I know more than ever, the role I should play

I've learnt that my dreams are not just a joke
That they're given from God, to bring others hope

I've learnt in my know-er, to trust what it is
Cos it probably means it's not my thought, it's His.


I've learnt that He calls us to use our gifts
As part of His plans to give and heal rifts
As a person, as me, I've learnt more to be
To grow what He shows and know it's His own
To trust with my all and keep standing tall
And even to share, despite being scared!
Through the Lion's, I have, without doubt learnt so much
More what's inside me, dreams left untouched
Through the Lion's - who certainly know how to roar
I've learnt my roar, just that Little bit more!


Sarah (Norwich YFC - Tracks)

2015/2016 Experience

2nd Year

"The Lions Experience is a great time to explore ideas and dreams. It pushes you to think exactly what direction you are going in and what the outcome could be like.

All of the people involved with the Lions are there to help you succeed and give a lot to help you to get there.

The teaching is amazing and really helps you to look at your project from a perspective that you wouldn't have already looked from.


I found that the other delegates really helped make the whole experience even better and have made loads of new amazing friends.


If you have an idea to change the world, take it to the Lions and they will refine it (and you) so that whatever it is you do, you do it dynamically and to its full potential.'



1st year delegate 2015/2016

"The Lions program taught me to focus on who I was becoming more than what I was achieving.  I feel more liberated to be myself, because I understand myself better, I am more aware of how to communicate effectively with those around me and place a higher value on relationships (they are not a "nice" part of my life but an intrinsic aspect of kingdom living).


"No one achieves anything of significance in isolation"

As a result of this concept I focus on managing my energy not my time now, so that I can be productive when I need to be and have energy left to enjoy building relationships that add meaning to my life.

It was liberating to meet other people crazy enough to believe they will have an impact on their generation.


The course made me question lots of things I thought were certainties which I think has expanded my empathy for others and myself. I think I will respond to the challenges of life with a more open mind.

It redefined what courage meant and looked like.

Getting the Lions funding took away my excuse of lack of resources. It enabled me to turn my 'plans' into a reality, this caused me to expand my capability and stop learning and start doing.

It was a great privilege to be around such successful people, who saw potential in me and invested their time into helping me to pursue my purpose in life. God reminds me of these people when I'm feeling like this is too much for one person and that is a great comfort.

Every weekend held something new and I was always challenged by the content.


It's not for ordinary people, they don't fit in. It's for people who are restless to solve problems and make an impact for the kingdom.

Naomi (Visions of Hope)

2013/2014 Experience

3rd Year


Lion's Weekend Dates:

2017/18 Experience


7-8 October 2017


18-19 November 2017


20-21 January 2018


24-25 March 2018


19-20 May 2018


23-24 June 2018

2018/19 Experience


6-7 October 2018


17-18 November 2018


26-27 January 2018


23-24 March 2019


18-19 May 2019


29-30 June 2019


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